Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh, the horror...

I have a confession to make.

(deep breath) I bought... biscuits in a can.

I know, I know! I, who can bake artisan bread well enough to make my nose wish it could cry, bought pre-made, store-brand biscuits in a can. It wasn't even Pillsbury! I have angered the Baking Gods, shamed my bread baking ancestors. And my only excuse is... well, standing too long makes the being in my belly angry. And I fear it's toilet-hugging wrath more than I do the Baking Gods, or my ancestors. Take it up with the Wee One! It's not my fault!

... oh, good, I wasn't smote down with a cupcake-scented lightning bolt. Perhaps I can be forgiven.

And now I must go, because my ice cream is melting. And melted ice cream is an even greater sin than biscuits in a can.


Frieda said...

You crack me up! Ü Don't worry, you're forgiven! I've bought biscuits in a can, cut little holes out of 'em, fried them up, dipped them in cinnamon sugar and passed them off as doughnuts~

Anonymous said...

Those pictures on the can look sooooo inviting when you're hungry (I see you bought ice cream too!) What's a person to do?
P.S. Have you tried Claire's English muffin recipe for this month's bake yet? They are so fun and easy.

12gViolet said...

Frieda - That sounds really good, except I had the butter flavored kind. That might have been... odd. LOL

Anet - I actually hate (abhor, wish fervently they did not exist, etc.) English muffins. Andrew and the kids love them, so maybe I'll make them, but I shall avoid putting them anywhere near my mouth.