Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's the end of our diets as we know it...

I've finally found something Andrew will cook for the kids without threat of severe bodily harm! (Or a disturbance in the Internet connection... both instill dread fear.) Frozen french fries. Sure, not the healthiest of snacks, but it beats the deep fried sticks of pseudo potato at fast food joints. At least with Ore Ida's ingredient list staring me in the face (with potato as a first ingredient! booyah!) and the certainty that because we lack a deep fat fryer, they must be baked, I can feel sorta (kinda maybe a little) good about my kids eating them. At least it passes for a veggie. (Let me have my damned delusions!)

I still (try to) make (most of) the meals, and I (try to) make them nutritionally balanced while staying on a budget and not requiring ungodly amounts of time on my feet. Sometimes I fail (okay, I fail a lot... but they have Metabolisms of Doom, so I don't feel too terrible) but I like to think my demands for fresh fruit and cheese to be bought and served to our ravenous monsters makes some dent in the french fry habit. Hey, they even like fruit and cheese! Score!

My diet is sadly lacking, however. All that fruit? That cheese? Even the damned frozen potato sticks? Yeah, that's funny. I can't eat them. I crave McDonald's egg and cheese biscuits, which I know for a fact blow my caloric load cheerfully out the window. I want ice cream, chocolate milk... every dairy that isn't cheese and yogurt. You know, the good kinds. My unborn munchkin has his daddy's appetite, god help me. Like Andrew, I drool over steak and potatoes instead of the veggies and chicken I used to love. I want nothing to do with multigrain anything; give me white stuff, all the way.

Some of these cravings and preferences I understand. White breads and crackers are easier to digest, steak is an awesome vessel for iron (along with being, let's face it, freaking tasty), and fibrous veggies can be unsettling to the stormy seas of my stomach. But the ice cream and chocolate milk over cheese and yogurt? (And here I must add that I have had a long-standing love affair with ALL things dairy for my ENTIRE life. I loved the really good stuff, too! I swear!) I have no explanation. Egg and cheese biscuits? No idea. And since I know there's very little of either egg or cheese in those damn things, it can't be a nutrient thing.

I pretty much chalk it up to Andrew's bizarre genetics. It can't be mine. (Stop giving me that look.) I actually like healthy food. (Nevermind that as a kid, I thought kraft mac and cheese and cheapo hot dogs were The Best Food Ever. That has nothing to do with it!) It must be his contribution to The Bump. (I said quit with the look! Obey the crazy pregnant lady!)


Frieda said...

Ahem...I..do..not..eat..fruit. Except for an occasional apple. Not baked. Not dipped in caramel. Just a simple, plain apple. Now, explain to me why I haven't died of scurvy?
And veggies...don't get me going here. I don't eat anything green. Except for lettuce in a simple salad. My kids call me the 'pea picker' as I pick them out of my meals.
French fries and potatoes are a great source of vitamin C. Whoo hoo! So don't worry. Your kids will be just fine.... Ü

12gViolet said...

LOL, Frieda. My mom was the same. She liked all of five fruits and veggies, and god help you if you put anything else in front of her.

I'm just horrified that I left the pickiness of my youth behind and now I'm sliding quickly backward. I'm trying to keep my kids from going down the picky path.

Thank god this whole pregnancy ordeal hasn't affected their love affair with broccoli. When not belly ballooning, I can't live without broccoli.