Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ode to boxed meals... oh, and frozen, too!

"Oh, Pasta Roni, how I love you..."

Do you know what's in my fridge today? My cupboards? My freezer? Premade, prepackaged, preservative-laden crap. That whole "I should make my family's meals from scratch to make them healthier" line went out the window about the time my stomach started growing (seriously, I need MATERNITY PANTS already!) and my visits to the bathroom became frequent enough to make me seriously consider just installing a cot. (I decided not to, since it would have to go in the tub. And I likes me my showers. Not stinking rules!)

Pasta Roni, jar gravy, frozen fries, frozen meatballs, frozen ravioli (okay, that one's not so bad since I've yet to buy a pasta roller to make my own...) (yes, I actually want to make my own pasta...) (stop giving me that look!), hamburger helper (really proud of that one!), and the list goes on. I still insist on real deli meat instead of bologna, real cheese instead of 'individually wrapped processed cheese food product' which by the way gives me the creeps, and fresh fruit and veggies when we can find them on sale. But it's pretty bad. Add that to my addiction to frozen entrees, and I'm pretty sure my sodium intake is about three times what it should be.

You know what? I'm okay with it! (No, I didn't have a mental meltdown first, thank you!) Once I get through this last pregnancy, I can have my tubes tied, my back dealt with, and focus on the family I've cobbled together -- er, lovingly built. Yeah, that's what I meant. I can flip the bird to hormonal birth control (evil!) and actually get some of my pain issues under control because I won't have to worry about "oh, crap, I'm late, am I pregnant again?" Because yeah, I'm paranoid I might hurt the little bean that may or may not be there. I try to keep the stuff I put in my own body to a minimum; I certainly don't want the first influence on my offspring to be some chemical crap I choke down because the muscles in my back won't stop doing a jig.

Yay for no more pregnancies! And yay for crappy food!


Frieda said...

The processed cheese crap you spoke of? I always say that they 'forgot' to take the wrapper off when it's melted on your burger or whatever...seriously, that's what it looks like!

It sounds like your body is craving to be 'normal' again...been there. Done that. Ü

12gViolet said...

Yeah, that makes sense. This stuff is what I grew up on (Mom did her best, but she worked long hours -- often two jobs -- just to keep us sheltered and fed) so my body probably does recognize this stuff as the norm. Like her, I still try to get as many unprocessed meats, cheeses, and produce as possible into our diets.

Most of those meals just happen to be quick and therefore boring. I mean really, who's got the time and energy for homemade cordon bleu? (For the record: not me! LOL)

Aunt Becky said...

Boxed meals are the only thing that keep me going most days.

12gViolet said...

Would making a shrine to Pasta Roni be going too far? Hmm...