Sunday, October 4, 2009

Here, kitty kitty...

My family must truly be insane, because not only are we adding another human crumb cruncher to our household, we're also considering adding a feline one. We can't have a dog where we currently live and honestly, a dog is too much work for me right now... cats are at least 90% self-sufficient and we both want our girls to grow up with animals. I don't know if there's scientific research into it or anything, but I'm pretty sure loving and taking care of a furball prepares them for... something or another. Theoretically.

Or maybe I just miss my cats.

And with all the mass foreclosures in our area, we're also considering buying! a! house! Holy god, I'm becoming an adult. It's freakin' scary, I tell you. Next thing you know we'll be buying a minivan and... oh, wait. We are buying a minivan. Or something like it. Ah, crap, I went and grew up. Does this mean I have to throw away my cartoon collection?

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Kristine said...

I cannot WAIT until we own a mini-van. I'm dead serious. 20-something-me is pointing and laughing at 30-year-old-me.