Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My brain's on vacation!

I loaded up the dishwasher earlier, all proud of myself for cleaning out the dishes in the sink, and I totally forgot to turn it on. I'm not kidding. Almost an hour and a half after I loaded the damn thing, and I finally remembered. *falls over laughing* I rule!

I also forgot to put away dinner last night, which totally sucks, because those mashed taters were freakin' tasty, man. I couldn't remember how far along I was when my grandmother asked me -- I actually had to look at the calendar on my laptop, where I have my week-by-week. No, I'm not kidding. I'm that retarded. I did this with each of my kids; with the first, it was on a paper calendar, because our old computer sucked ass. With my second, it was on the desktop AND on a paper calendar, because I couldn't always access the computer... my man's a computer-holic. *sigh* Tragic.

I can't even remember how much Carnation Instant Breakfast powder to put in my milk, and I just made some this morning. That shit is GOOD, by the way. Rich Milk Chocolate ftw! Seriously, my brain is like swiss cheese. Enough holes to build a small city in. Calling it a sieve is being kind! ROFL

But that's okay... this is what The Powers That Be created Post-It notes for.


Frieda said...

Long live post~it notes! Sounds like the baby is sucking up all your brain power...

12gViolet said...

Good, maybe he can use it. LOL

Seriously, though, I'm still brain-farting over the Carnation stuff. *cries* It's terrible! I have to read DIRECTIONS every time! And they hide them!