Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chocolate and insanity...

I had this grand plan to bake tomorrow. I know! Finally, right? But, dear Readers, I said "had." I just found out I have to do like, three million things tomorrow. I have a doctor's appt. at the asscrack of dawn okay, so it's at 10am... but I hate being awake before noon lately I have to make a gazillion phone calls, stop by the post office, and we have to cart everyone over to Kohls to return a baby swing and booster seat we ordered online. Which wouldn't suck as badly, but we have to reorder the swing because the warehouse sent us a scuffed and dented return item instead of a new item. For the record, I have no issue with return products as long as they're structurally sound, because god knows they won't be pretty after a month in my house, but I don't want to pay the "new" price. You wanna knock 10-20% off the price, and honey, come on over!

I'm finishing up the last of the baking utensils tonight and holy piling plates, Batman, there were a freakin' ton of them! because I still hope against hope that I have enough energy after all this crap to make some muffins. I want me some chocolate chocolate chip nut muffins. I've posted the recipe here before, and *drool* are they good. I've been craving chocolate like crazy lately. And coffee. And sour gummy worms. The last two of which I've often wanted mixed, which proves that indeed I am preggers. You know, just in case the rapidly expanding waistline left me with any doubts. Ha!

Hey, anybody wanna come over for Insanely Chocolate Muffins I think this is my new name for them, LOL and hot cocoa? Yeah, buddy!

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