Friday, May 8, 2009

First post! Yay!

So to follow the craze and insanity of bread baking websites, blogs, and challenges, I have created this: All Your Bread Are Belong To Us. For those of you with even a hint of gamer background, you'll likely get the reference. If you and those close to you have escaped the gaming horde uncorrupted, congrats! Also, see here: All Your Base...

It's an amusing mistranslation that has lent itself to all sorts of usurping, from DnD's "all your gold are belong to us" to my own very bad attempt at blog humor. Now that I think about it, it's funnier for someone (like myself) who loves Japanese games/anime/everything and thinks that dubs -- and sometimes subs -- are done by drunk French monkeys trying to speak English. Seriously. It's that bad.

But back to bread. I've got the bug. Yes, the wonderfully tasty, often frustrating yeast bug. It should really have it's own entry in the mental health dictionary. It's an affliction yielding ungodly good bread with enough carbs to make your jeans groan. You think I exaggerate? Make that perfect loaf of sourdough, mow down with some good cheese and a bottle of wine, then come talk to me. My fiance still hasn't forgiven me for the dent to our wallets.

That isn't to say making bread is expensive! I read somewhere that the average sandwich loaf costs about $0.50 to make, and for the same high-quality bread, you'd pay something like $2.50-$3.00 at the store. No, bread isn't the expensive part... It's that once you've made nirvana in a crust, you can't just toss some Kraft on it and sip a coke. No, you need to get that nice Pinot Noir you saw at the store for $12.99, and that $8 per pound jarlsberg. To do it justice, you understand!

But seriously, now. Bread baking has become quite the passion for me, and while my significant other might blame me for his addiction to bread, cheese, and wine over the last few months, I can't see an end. Sourdough, yeast, quick, it doesn't really matter. I'll make it all, and enjoy it with something close to orgasmic pleasure. So this little corner of the WWW is dedicated to my obsession, and whether no one reads it, or millions do, I'll enjoy sharing my trials and triumphs.

Happy Baking!


Anonymous said...

Brianna, that bread bug is so infectious, isn't it? I'm completely addicted too. Every time I have something left over like Grafton cheddar (yeah, like there are scraps from that hunk of goodness ever left over) or tomatoes or herbs all I can think about is how to bake it into a loaf of bread.
Congratulations on your new blog! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your baking adventures.
- Jackie

12gViolet said...

I have COMMENTS! Bwuahahaha! ...okay, I'm good. Thanks for the drop-by, and yeah, I know exactly how you feel about that left-over baking craze. *eyeballs the extra sharp Vermont cheddar in her fridge* Hmm...

Frieda said...

You are hilarious! Welcome to the blogosphere and the world of bread making!

12gViolet said...

Thank you!